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owl transforms your customer purchasing experience into business intelligence in order to make a positive direct impact on your business

Introducing the owl

A revolutionary communication and management system for your restaurant. Discret and smart, it will improve the business efficiency and provide a personalized relationship with your client.

Small, bright, smart

By simply turning the device it will generate useful information for you and your customer. Capable of detecting its position, it illuminates the corresponding state. It includes anti-thef triggering an alert when it´s removed from the table.

Owl improve your business

Discover your customer eating habits, preferences and frequency of visits. Offer a more personalized service according the customer tastes, previously eating experiences or who accompanies your customer (family, friends, partner, etc.).

Control reaction time and service to improve the efficiency of your business

Measure the efficiency of each employee and set the policy objectives regarding the weekly statistics. Improve your purchasing and stock efficiency based on previous customer preferences.
Collect data from each table and analyze, in real-time, the efficiency of the service. We, at OmniBrainLab, take into account the key indicators for efficiency in your business: the average time required by service, the average time consumed by service and the real service time. We provide the analysis to develop new service strategies and to better manage your stuff at individual or team level.

Manage everything from one site

Manager section
The Management Application will generate statistics with valuable information for managing your business. Users can recall all orders and interaction from each Owl. In addition, from the same App, user can control the functional status of the different Owl: If it’s ON or OFF, battery level, location.

Same management app for statistics, alerts and management of the Owl

Waiter section
Waiters can receive the alerts and manage them knowing which Owl, and thus which table has generated the alert and the waiting time since the alert was triggered.

A better experience for your customer

Your customer´s will receive a personalized, efficient and enjoyable treatment. Customers will receive attention only when they request it. Ensure prioritization of orders. Customers will receive personalized recommendations based on their tastes and habits. Customers will be able to share their experience with everyone!


Customers will be able to download a free app to connect their phones to owl. They will be notified of a successful connection with a flashing white light.

The restaurant table opens up to the world of the internet. The customer can view the menu. order the meal and share his/her eating experience using social media.


To make an order to the waiter, the customer turns the device to select the waiter icon. The device glows with a blue light giving the waiter a visual reference of the pending service.

The restaurant management app receives an alert. It detects the table wich has requested the service and once it´s read by the waiter, an acknowledge is sent back to the table. The system has a timeout facility to measure the service time.

Do not disturb

Because there are special moments that require provacy, customers can select the not disturb icon. A white light indicates the chosen state and it won ´t change untill the customer selects another one.

The restaurant management app shows the "do not disturb" state. The customer will decide when to change to another state by interacting again with the owl.


To avoid unnecessary delays at the time of paying the bill, the customer will select the icon of payment.

The device illuminates a magenta light and issues the corresponding alert to the restaurant management App.



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